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Volunteer Opportunities at film &...

Volunteer Opportunities at film & music festivals, & more

I’m disclosing my website dedicated to volunteering at some of world’s greatest events.  I’ll be updating it as information is known.  If you know of a festival or event that offer volunteer opportunities, send us an email at, and we’ll update onto the site.  Spread the word about the site, and more importantly, tryout some […]

Entertainment Wednesdays: “Is T...

Entertainment Wednesdays: “Is The Honeymoon Over Webseries” Trailer

Is The Honeymoon Over? is written and produced by Leasharn Hopkins (New Life Productions, LLC). Sharee and I (We Connected Productions, LLC) are additional producers on this webseries that was filmed in Columbia, SC in Fall 2014. Fundraising efforts via Go Fund Me will begin soon. Editing has already begun on the webisodes coming Summer 2015. […]

Travel Tuesday: Tribeca Film Festival...

Travel Tuesday: Tribeca Film Festival Crew

I was able to work as a ‘Crew Member” (terminology used for paid volunteer vs non-paid volunteer) at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival from April 24-26, 2015.  It was an exhilarating experience in that I was literally thrown into the mix as a festival worker during the final weekend.  I worked in the areas of Hospitality, […]

You’re on video!!

video image

Recent news of people such as Feidin Santana’s infamous taping of the North Charleston police shooting of Walter Scott or Will Stack’s viral video that claim that not all cops are bad, have prompted people to pick up their iPhones or video recorder to shoot more than their cooing children or travel ventures.  But it has […]

What Is Your Passion Thursdays: Meet ...

Traveling With Lupus

It’s been awhile since we have done “What Is Your Passion Thursdays”. This feature is special because we went to High School with Mrs. Hetlena Johnson. We knew that she had a job traveling to various cities across the United States, and we thoroughly enjoyed viewing her pictures on social media. A couple years ago […]

Travel Tuesdays: Opportunities to Tra...

Travel Tuesdays: Opportunities to Travel as a Volunteer

After Sharee and I returned from Sundance Film Festival in February of this year as volunteers, we received questions as to how we became volunteers. We love film, music, and sporting events, and have often taken advantage of these volunteers opportunities during our travels. We are in the process of developing a site devoted to how […]

WCP, LLC Photo Gallery For Sale


Are you in the market for travel-related pictures for Personal (Personal Website, Blog, etc), Editorial (Magazine, Newspaper, etc) or Commercial (Film, TV, etc) use? Check out our new webpage devoted to selling travel photography.  You can purchase the right to utilize any of the photos in the gallery for just $5.00!! Yes, you heard me, […]

Entertainment Wednesdays: Review of &...

Entertainment Wednesdays: Review of “Lila & Eve”

Pictured Left: The cast during Q&A after the screening of Lila & Eve. Picture courtesy of We Connected Productions, LLC.             Sharee and I were ecstatic to attend the Sold Out screening of the film Lila & Eve at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival on Friday, January 30. The film […]

Travel Tuesdays: A Few Pictures From ...

Travel Tuesdays: A Few Pictures From Sundance Film Festival 2015

The filmmaker lodge (pictured left) was where many panel discussions were held.   Rhonda (pictured below) volunteering at Sundance Film Festival 2015. Sharee (pictured below) volunteering at Sundance Film Festival 2015.   Beautiful views (pictured below) of snow falling on Main Street of Park City, UT where many festival venues were located.       […]

Review of Sundance Film Festival̵...

Dope Movie Image

   Dope Image Courtesy of I first heard of the movie Dope prior to leaving for Sundance Film Festival. It had premiered with rave reviews and a bidding war frenzy between six production companies for distribution. The movie eventually sold for $7 million with Open Road (U.S.) and Sony (international). Shameik Moore Image Courtesy […]

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"Rhonda and Sharee are creative and ambitious movers and shakers in the film production industry. They are very detailed and never miss a beat. Great with casting, location scouting, and time management."

Caletta Bailey
My company (Reel2Real Productions) has worked with We Connected Productions on projects like Silent for Too Long and our latest project Bullyknot: The Movie. Rhonda and Sharee are very professional in their craft. During the pre-production process, they've helped with castings, craft services, budgets and contracts. I highly recommend contacting We Connected Productions for your upcoming project.

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