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We Connected Productions, LLC Feature...

We Connected Productions, LLC Featured in Carolina Panorama. Promotes Take A Leap: South Africa Campaign
We Connected Productions, LLC (WCP, LLC) was featured recently in the latest edition of the Carolina Panorama. This weekly newsletter is placed at grocery stores, churches, barber shops, and beauty stores throughout the state of South Carolina. WCP, LLC was promoting their Take A Leap: South Africa Seed & Spark Campaign. Learn how you can [...]

Columbia Bethlehem Community Center 2...

Columbia Bethlehem Community Center 2014 Kid’s Film Camp
The week of April 14-18, 2014 was full of excitement for the kids that participated in the Columbia Bethlehem Community Center (CBCC) Kid’s Film Camp.  Initiated by We Connected Productions, LLC and CBCC in 2012, and spearheaded by RJ Foley of Light Road Media, along with Ursula Robinson, SC State University Drama Professor, and David P [...]

Twin Sisters In Film

Twin Sisters In Film
A great interview about us from Bright Girl Media. We talk of our faith, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship. Click on interview link or image to view article.

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Terry Garrett
Film/TV Writer-Director/Advocate for combating obesity
"Rhonda and Sharee are creative and ambitious movers and shakers in the film production industry. They are very detailed and never miss a beat. Great with casting, location scouting, and time management."

Caletta Bailey
My company (Reel2Real Productions) has worked with We Connected Productions on projects like Silent for Too Long and our latest project Bullyknot: The Movie. Rhonda and Sharee are very professional in their craft. During the pre-production process, they've helped with castings, craft services, budgets and contracts. I highly recommend contacting We Connected Productions for your upcoming project.