Past Clients

We have worked with some great visionaries in the areas of film and webshow development.  We have also worked with area churches and businesses with their videography, editing, and DVD duplication needs.  If you have an entertainment or media-related concept you are passionate about, we can be your creative content producers.

Recommendations from people that know us personally and professionally:

Caletta Bailey, Owner
My company (Reel2Real Productions) has worked with We Connected Productions on projects like Silent for Too Long and our latest project Bullyknot: The Movie. Rhonda and Sharee are very professional in their craft.  During the pre-production process, they’ve helped with castings, craft services, budgets and contracts. I highly recommend contacting We Connected Productions for your upcoming project.

Errol R. Alger, BFA & MEd
Interdisciplinary Artist Lecturer & Writer

“Rhonda and Sharee are dedicated professionals intent on leading viewers of their films to concrete conclusions concerning important issues dealing with relationships. They are genuine motivators, encouragers, and facilitators toward a higher quality of life.”

Arlene Lagos

“Rhonda & Sharee Washington of We Connected Productions, LLC were an integral part of launching “East of Hollywood Indie Night” in January 2011 in North Charleston, SC. They submitted several films that were well enjoyed through the evening as well as broadened the social network allowing new filmmakers in different areas to connect. I enjoy their work, their ability to promote effectively and most of all, their genuine kindness”

Tiffanie Aiken

“I have worked for and with Rhonda & Sharee and found them to be diligent and thorough, organized and detail oriented, and seemingly tireless in their work. They have a great working knowledge of the indie film industry here in South Carolina and they continue to actively pursue more knowledge of the film industry as a whole.”

Edward & Paul Cannon
Owners, Moving Forward Pictures

“Rhonda and Sharee are highly detail professionals in their commitment to see a project through to the finish. Their strategic planning skills helped to bring our two projects in on time and below cost without sacrificing the quality of the end product. They continue to educate themselves with the latest business technology. This keeps them on the cutting edge in todays fast paced business environment. I would join forces with them again to see our products brought to the mass consuming market.”

Terry Garrett
Film/TV Writer-Director/Advocate for combating obesity

“Rhonda and Sharee are creative and ambitious movers and shakers in the film production industry. They are very detailed and never miss a beat. Great with casting, location scouting, and time management.”

Jason Whitaker
Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer, and Actor

“Rhonda and Sharee are eager to learn. They both work hard when they are motivated. They are constantly busy volunteering at their church. It was fun working with them.”